What is Salary Packaging?

Salary packaging is an Australian Tax Office (ATO) approved method of reducing your employees’ taxable income and increasing their take-home pay.

Facilitated by Benefit@bility, it is an arrangement between you and your employee where part of your employee’s salary is deducted pre-tax to pay for certain expenses, such as cars, mortgage repayments and everyday living expenses. This means that your employee’s taxable income is reduced, as they only pay tax on the remainder of their salary.

How We Improve Your Salary Packaging

Restricted benefits

Benefit items are restricted to the ones you have approved for use, which can be expanded when you are ready to deploy further benefits.

Proven rollout process

We make use of a proven rollout process to inform employees of salary packaging benefits and where they can obtain further information.

Salary packaging tool

As part of our rollout, we deploy a Self-Service benefit model, an application built for your employees to design their package, based on questions that step them through benefits that will suit them. Wiki’s guide them through each step.

Employee education

We make use of animated videos for employees to gain a quick understanding of salary packaging and novated leasing.

Accessible support

Should employees want to speak to someone or just get further assistance, our help desk is a telephone away or if they prefer, live chat may provide a quick answer.

Authorisation and compliance process

We manage the authorisation and compliance process on your behalf using electronic signature to track the approval process. All source documents are scanned and stored by ourselves to substantiate benefit items.

Payroll deductions

Our systems produce contribution files based on your payroll run dates, which can vary to suit your payroll frequency and pay points.


Reporting is automated and generated in PDF, excel and CSV within the required cut-off periods. Yearend reporting is completed by the 21st of April each year and we provide the data to populate your FBT return.


We manage the payment of benefits using EFT , BPay or Pay by Phone.

Why Use Benefit@bility?

Employers seeking an efficient approach to salary packaging have found a solution in Benefit@bility. Through our market-leading technology, we have developed Australia’s first (and only) Self-Service salary packaging solution.

Our systems have been designed to allow you to establish your salary packaging employee benefits with ease. We have focused on of the most popular benefit items that add real value to your employees. By using an easy 4-step, Self-Service model, employees are empowered to help themselves save, at their own pace.

Renowned for innovative approach and pricing transparency, we have forged a reputation as one of Australia’s most trusted salary packaging companies. The growth of our business through word-of-mouth recommendations from our customers is testimony to the outstanding level of service we deliver.

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No Cost to the Employer

We are so confident in our process that we charge our fees based on a percentage of what we save employees. If we cannot save your employees money, then we do not charge a fee.

  • Australia’s fastest, easiest salary sacrifice system
  • Pricing transparency
  • Our only fee is a small % of what your employees save
  • Reliable technology, meticulously tested and maintained
For a New VehicleUsed VehicleExempt and Otherwise Deductible ItemsCapped Benefits and Meal Entertainment
GST on PurchaseYesNoYesNo
GST on Running CostsYesYesn/an/a
Pre-tax DeductionsYesYesYesYes
Post-tax DeductionsOffset FBTOffset FBTOffset FBT-

Benefits of Salary Packaging - How Your Employees can Benefit

We have introduced self-service to reduce the cost of providing services and to pass on more of the benefit savings to your employees. This model also provides the fastest, easiest way for your employees to salary package. Your employees save in all the following areas;

How much can I save?

Salary Packaging Items & Brochures by Employer Type

For Profit

(Full FBT)

For Profit FIFO


Not For Profit






Public Health


Popular Salary Packaging Items

We have listed some of the popular benefit items that can be packaged. Depending on your situation, you may be able to package more

  • The annual membership to an airport lounge like Qantas or Virgin can be packaged.
  • You can salary package your vehicle and that of your spouse by using a novated lease. The car does not need to be used for business at all. Novate@bility can assist you with packaging your car.
  • Car parking provided by Government bodies, educational institutions and registered charities are exempt from FBT.
  • If your employer is allowed to use a threshold, then you can package your rental up the threshold, which is equivalent to $15,900 or $9,010 per year.
  • Where child care is provided to employees by the employer, which is located on the employer’s premises, the benefits provided are exempt.
  • The cost of insurance to cover you in the event of you no longer being able to work can be salary packaged.
  • Employees can package the costs of living away from home for a period of up to 12 months for work purposes. This generally includes all associated costs and an allowance for meals.
  • If your employer is allowed to use a threshold, then you can package up to $2,650 of meal entertainment or venue hire expenses per year.
  • The cost of one PDA / mobile phone can be packaged per year, along with the costs of the calls. There is a requirement that it must be used predominately for work purposes.
  • Professional memberships which are held predominantly for work purposes are exempt for FBT.
  • The costs incurred in relocating for work purposes can be salary packaged. These costs include the cost of selling your home and the costs of buying your new home, including stamp duty and agents commission.
  • In circumstances where you live and work in a remote area, you can salary package 50% of your rental costs and 100% of your mortgage interest, with the other 50% being subject to FBT
  • Additional superannuation contributions can be salary packaged.
  • Work related clothing can be salary packaged.

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