A novated lease is arguably the easiest and most cost-effective way of owning a vehicle in Australia.


It is a tax-effective, financial arrangement which enables you to salary package your car(s) and save thousands each year on the running costs – no matter what your salary, or how many kilometres you drive. A novated lease in Australia can also save you thousands on the purchase price of your car. Whether you want to novate a new car, a second-hand car, or your existing car(s), Novate@bility can help. Start saving today!


Novated Lease Benefits

  • No GST

    With a novated lease, you don’t pay GST. Save the 10% GST on any new car, plus the fuel, parts and servicing costs of any new, second-hand or existing car.

  • No Deposit

    There is no requirement for a deposit

  • Cheaper Fuel

    Save on fuel at thousands of petrol stations across. Save not only the GST, but also the PAYG tax on the fuel you buy.

  • Discounted Vehicles

    Secure the best vehicle purchase price through our huge buying power and fleet discounts.

  • Novated Lease Tax Benefits

    As your lease repayments are taken out of your pre-tax income, your taxable income is reduced – meaning you pay less tax.

  • Affordable Fixed Payments

    With a fully maintained novated lease, all the running costs of your car – including fuel, registration, servicing and parts – are incorporated into one monthly budgeted cost.

Dave bought his new
car for $33,000

Purchase Cost$30,000
Total Cost After GST and No Discount$33,000
Ongoing Running Costs$927.84
Effect on Monthly Salary$927.84

Jenny bought the same

car for $28,500

$30,000Purchase Cost
$28,500After Fleet Discount and No GST
$885.21Ongoing Running Costs
$672.40Effect on Monthly Salary
$3,065Annual Savings

Jenny saves a massive $4,500 on the purchase price 

plus $3,065 on the running costs per year!

What Does a Novated Lease Include?

All the running costs of your car are included in one monthly budget. This allows you to pay one consistent amount per month for the running costs of your car. Whatever is not spent at the end of the lease, is returned to you. In the example above, the budgeted running costs are $885 per month and as you spend money, that is allocated against your budget. Some months, you will spend more and others you will spend less. Overall, your budget to actual expenditure should always be in surplus.


Fuel Card


Service Maintenance

Lease Rental


Roadside Assist

Comprehensive Insurance


How much can I save?

Why Use Novate@bility for Your Novated Car Lease?

With integrity and transparency at the forefront of all that we do, we are proudly considered one of the most trusted novated lease companies in Australia. We have developed a reputation for excellence and our innovative approach has lead us to develop Australia’s first automated novated leasing system.

Price Beat Promise

Price Beat Promise

Save heavily on your novated leasing costs. At Novate@bility, we aim to provide Australia’s lowest brokerage.

Start Saving TODAY!

Start Saving TODAY!

We offer Australia’s first automated novated leasing service, meaning you can submit your novated lease application form online now.

Management of Registration & Insurance Renewals

Management of Registration & Insurance Renewals

Novate@bility manage the initial registration and annual renewals for your vehicle registration and insurance policy, with all costs included in your leasing repayments.



- Flexible lease terms – from 1 to 5 years
- You can secure a Novate@bility lease, no matter where you work, what you earn, or what car(s) you want to novate. It really is that simple!

24/7 Roadside Assist

24/7 Roadside Assist

Enjoy access to roadside assistance.

Online Portal Access

Online Portal Access

Logon to our online portal to track your ongoing expenses and vehicle usage reports.

If you’re looking for a novated leasing company, look no further!

At Novate@bility, our core focus is to save you money. We know that you are wanting to buy a car and we are here to help you save money when you buy that car.

Whether you’re seeking a novated lease in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, Novate@bility can help, as we service nation-wide. If you’d like ‘novated leasing’ explained in more detail, please visit our FAQ page, or contact us and one of our friendly consultants can provide you with tailored novated lease advice. Or, if you’re ready to start the process now, submit the online application form!